Ways To Prevent Ticks and Fleas in Dogs and Cats!

Funny dog in suitFleas and ticks are disease carriers that can make your cat’s life miserable.Fleas cause infection by transmitting tapeworms and cause itchy allergic reactions, which leads to scratching and hair loss.In rare cases cats, can contract Lyme disease from ticks.Lyme disease is a disease characterized by swollen joints, fever and lameness.Fleas also ingest blood from animals this leads to anemia which eventually leads to death.Therefore in this article we will observe some ways on how to protect your cats from fleas and ticks:

1.Purchase spot on medication from a store.

This is a very good method to prevent both ticks and fleas. This medication is usually designed to kill harmful parasites like ticks and fleas. However make sure you understand the guidelines on how to use the medication and if you have any doubts consult a doctor.

2. Use oral medication.
Use oral medication at least once a month. This medication is usually administered in form of pills,unlike the spot on medication, people who have children will not have to worry bout their kids coming into contact with the cat. One of the better options is Merial Nexgard Chewables, which offers great protection for 30 days per dose.

3. Use shampoos.
The use of shampoos is also avery effective way in preventing fleas and ticks in cats. Some shampoos usually contain natural ingredients, which are effective in killing fleas and ticks in cats. While using this medication, one can administer it to the cat once after every two weeks.

4. Use tick dips.
A dip is a concentrated chemical, whichis diluted in water and applied on the animal by a sponge. One can also pour the dip on back of the animal.It’s also good to note that dips should not be used for younger animals.

5.Use tick collars.
Cats can wear collars, which are impregnated with chemicals that kill ticks, This method is essential when one is trying to kill ticks on the surface of the head or neck of the animal.Collars impregnated with Amitrazshould not be used on cats.

6.Use powders
Applying powder on your cats prevents them from being infected with ticks and fleas. Always apply the powder to the cat carefully preventing it from coming into contact with the eyes, mouth or the nose. Always use powders that are only for cats.


Not many fleas and ticks in the snow!7.Clear bushes within your surrounding
This is an effective way to prevent tick and flea infection in cats. Tick and fleas usually hide in bushes hence clearing these bushes will destroy their habitats. One can hire an exterminator to help him or her clear the bushes.

8.Control outdoor activity of your cat


This can be challenging because cats love to go outside, however their activity outside should be controlled to prevent them from being infected by fleas and ticks.

9.Make a regular checkup for ticks and fleas on the cat’s body

Always look for ticks and fleas on the cat’s body.Look for them on the toes of the cat, the fingernails, and on the neck, before they are attached on the cat’s body surface and cause infection.